Friday, March 16, 2007

March mudiness

Nowhere in the Enquirer are the standards lower than in opinion writing. Today's editorial and Paul Daugherty's column exemplify that.

All you need to know about the editorial is in the last sentence. "Only time will tell" is not an opinion. It's a cop-out and it's lazy. As they say on the basketball court, don't bring that weak shit.

Doc's big idea is to rename the Ohio State Buckeyes the "Mattas". Otherwise, the column is nothing but a game recap. Deadlines were strained because the game ended so late, but that's not an excuse for a lame column. If you can't write something good, don't write anything.

I guess I ought to end it right there.


Anonymous Mr. Whig said...

ahahahaha, "only time will tell?" That's sage advice. That's a David Wells sort of stand.

5:53 PM  

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