Thursday, March 27, 2008

The biggest metro area in Ohio is sort of in Kentucky and Indiana

Lacking the ability to come up with real news, the Enquirer often falls back on parochialism and Cincinnati boosterism. Ikea comes to Cincinnati, it's a big deal. George Clooney comes to Maysville, it's huge on the front page.

I don't like today's Xavier story on the front page. It's a roundup of old facts packaged with a photo that's 60% out of focus, all of it published in support of tonight's game. But I'll forgive them for that, given the interest in the game. It would have been good, though, to have balanced that with real news on the front page.

The other story on the top of the front page is "Metro area now biggest in Ohio." The latest Census estimates say Cincinnati is now bigger than Cleveland. That's true, but not the "in Ohio" part.

The lead of Tony Lang's story acknowledges the problem:
The 15-county Cincinnati metropolitan area, which includes seven counties in Northern Kentucky and three in Southeast Indiana, now ranks as Ohio's largest metropolitan area. Census estimates released today show the area has overtaken metro Cleveland in total population the last two years.
That's right, out of 15 counties in the Cincinnati metropolitan area, 10 are not in Ohio. Those 10 counties contain about a half-million people, about a quarter of the region's population. The population of the five counties in Ohio is about 1.6 million, which is significantly less than the 2.1 million people in metro Cleveland, all of which is in Ohio.

In the end, the Enquirer doesn't bother to say why this is significant, and thus why the story is given such a prominent position on the front page. Only two people are quoted in the story. The chamber of commerce says it might lead to more federal dollars, but there's really no basis for that. He even manages to get the word "Ikea" into the story.

Get a report, interview two people, make front-page news. This is lazy, and it shows how little else is going on at the Enquirer.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was trying to look up metro area populations and came across the enquirer article and this blog. That article is such a joke. Greater Cleveland is significantly larger than Greater Cincinnati. Cleveland and Akron are less than 25 miles apart, but are not included in the same metro area. The metro area of Cincinnati includes counties much farther away, but the article fails to mention that. They are comparing a 15 county area over 3 states to a 5 county area in one state. If you level the playing field and consider the 13 county area of Northeast Ohio you get a population of 4.023 million, significantly larger than Cincy's just over 2 million number. Heck, even throw in Dayton, and Greater Cleveland still has over a million more people than the entire SE Ohio region, N KY, and SE Indiana combined. Like you said, that article is just Cincy boosterism without actually looking at the numbers.

8:56 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hah, with this same logic, the largest metro area in Indiana is not Indianapolis, but rather Chicago, followed by Cincinnati, and then Indianapolis!

7:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Let me guess, you're from Cleveland, right?? I'd say yuck but I've never been there, no reason to go, only repeating what I've heard about the place. The numbers come from US Census but then, you probably know better than they, huh!!!!

11:25 PM  

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