Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Deader than dead

The cuts across Gannett are hideously deep today, including about a dozen from the Enquirer newsroom -- many solid, experienced people who truly loved the business. I don't care whether you're publishing a newspaper or making donuts, if you don't employ people who care about the product, it won't be worth anyone's time and effort to consume. I'll read, sometimes, what the Enquirer gives me for free, but I'll be damned if Gannett ever gets another nickel out of me.

The Enquirer loses relevance with each staff reduction. Newspapers are in a self-inflicted death spiral. To the people who have been cut, all I can say is God bless, be calm, breathe deeply and you'll find a way to make a living that has meaning for your lives. To the people left behind, for chrissakes, find another job. To the corporate pigs and dim yes-men who try to tell the communities they serve that their newspapers will get better and more focused when the newsrooms are less polluted by experienced and passionate newspeople, I want you to look your children in the eye and explain to them what you did today. It's a terrible thing. I hope you fucking choke on your bonuses and President's Rings.


Blogger COAST said...

11 more this week. Seems Gannett has abandoned the "lopping off body parts" strategy in favor of the slow bleed. Very sad to see our local news go so gently into that good night.

11:48 AM  

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