Sunday, August 13, 2006

Sunday yawner

There is actually an attempt at some real local news this morning, but the Enquirer comes up short elsewhere:
  • Peggy O'Farrell's cover story on the local nursing shortage isn't half bad, but she spends almost no time talking about the compensation deals hospitals are giving nurses. She lists the schools with nursing programs without really talking about what nurses can expect to earn.
  • The school rebuilding story is a bit overblown: Of $1.5 billion the story claims local districts are spending, $1 billion is Cincinnati alone (and officials there are continually scaling back their plans) and at least $200 million of the rest still needs to be approved by voters. This is an example of some editor getting enamored with some number and building a whole story around it.
  • Paul Daugherty's column is an experiment that failed, and his racing schtick ("Everybody knows more than me about racing") is getting old and tired.
  • Worst of all, the Enquirer continues to bury war news. Three U.S. soldiers were killed in Afghanistan, and two were killed in Iraq. The deaths in Afghansitan were relegated to three short paragraphs in "World in Brief" on page A17, and the Iraq deaths are on A19.


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