Monday, October 30, 2006

Another dies in Iraq, and the Enquirer doesn't care

The Department of Defense announced Saturday that 1st Sgt. Ricky McGinnis of Hamilton died Thursday from injuries suffered when an IED blew up near him in Muqdadiyah, Iraq.

On Sunday, the Enquirer had not a word about it. You'd think by now the Enquirer could have somebody look at about once a day to check the postings of military deaths.

My paper this morning carried a 52-word blurb on the Local page -- not even the front page -- about the death. On the web site tonight is this story, which I suppose will find some level of prominence in Tuesday's paper. Remember what I said in this post? If something big happens on the weekend, the Enquirer will finally make a big story of it on Tuesday, because they're so understaffed on weekends they can't find anyone to write the story till Monday.

It's sad they don't respect our servicemen enough to report their deaths in a timely manner. It's practically unpatriotic.

UPDATE: The story about 1st Sgt. McGinnis ran in my paper at the bottom of page 2 of the Local section.


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