Tuesday, October 17, 2006

I am not a son of a bitch

Does the whole Nikki Giovanni thing really amount to a hill of beans? It was certainly questionable behavior on her part, but nobody died, and nobody lost money. So why, four days after the fact, is it the lead story in the paper?

This follows the Enquirer's usual pattern: If something really big happens late Friday or Saturday, it will almost certainly be the lead story on the paper on Tuesday. This is because the paper is so short staffed on the weekend that they can't find anybody to cover the story till Monday, so it becomes a big story on Tuesday. Better 72 hours late than never, I always say. The Enquirer did a decent job covering Giovanni's remarks the first time around Sunday morning, and coming back Tuesday with a lead story is (to borrow a phrase from their coverage) inappropriate.

This would also have been a primo opportunity to run the text of the poem again, but the Enquirer dropped the ball on that one as well. They've never run the true text, having had to rely on a 3CDC recording (doesn't anyone at the Enquirer have their own recorder?) to come up with it the first time. The Enquirer instead published the anonymous complaints of those who disagreed with Giovanni.

Breaking news: Giovanni is unapologetic. Will her non-apology get the same placement in the paper Wednesday as 3CDC's disavowal did on Tuesday?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's amazing that this has people more upset then when Ken Blackwell disenfranchised unprecedented numbers of African Americans.

Good for Giovani. He is a SOB and then some.

7:03 PM  
Blogger Everything Reviews said...

It's poetry... nevermind the front page--why is it even in the newspaper? So 3CDC got her to read a poem at the dedication. She is known for stirring the pot, getting people to talk, or at least think, about things political. If people were going to even think that she was inappropriate, she shouldn't have been hired in the first place.

But why do people even care? It's one person's opinion. Is Blackwell a sonuvabitch? Don't care.

It's a poem. And, judging by the version printed in the paper, it's not a very good poem. It's shallow, and it's not particularly indicative of how people in Cincinnati actually are. So, there's that.

It shouldn't be news, either. You know, there are people being shot all over the area on a regular basis. There are crime problems, all sorts of important political races going on right now. We don't need to know their opinion on a shitty Nikki Giovanni poem to figure out which way to vote.


10:25 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

City Beat's blog has a similar take on the situation.

You both are right on this one.

11:54 AM  

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