Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Which nazis are we talking about?

A commenter to my previous post about the Enquirer's coverage of the iPhone points out an interesting post at the CityBeat blog about the mayor's concern over suspicions nazis will storm Fountain Square on Martin Luther King Day. The mayor yesterday called together the heads of local new organizations to talk about this. Attending was Hollis Towns, the managing editor of the Enquirer. Not allowed to attend were reporters from the Enquirer and the Post.

The commenter asked what I thought of it. The meeting itself doesn't disturb me. The mayor could have accomplished the same thing by telephone, talking to each news organization individually.

What does disturb me is that the Enquirer didn't report the meeting this morning. I saw nothing in the paper, nothing in the Local section of the web site, and as I'm writing this, the newest item on the Enquirer's politics blog is a Rob Portman item dated Monday. If the mayor is concerned about nazis marching on Fountain Square, isn't that news? Was Dan Klepal told not to write it? Did anyone besides CityBeat report it?

Here's the unthinkable part: Maybe all those editors and news directors agreed not to say a word about the nazis for a while. It's hard to imagine real newspeople agreeing to black-out this news, but in this town, there's a lack of real newspeople. We know there aren't any in charge at the Enquirer.


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You should ask Dan or Hollis.

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