Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Finally ...

The featured story on the Enquirer's web site this morning has to do with a new retail development in West Chester called the Towne Centre. This was on the front page of the Cincinnati Business Courier on January 19. It only took the Enquirer four weeks to catch up. Why didn't the Enquirer have that first? Though the Enquirer emphasizes local coverage, my guess is reporters are too busy chasing ambulances and writing briefs to do much actual reporting. And, the Business staff is spread so thin stories like this are missed.

Next, at midday the Enquirer updated its web site to add this story, about a woman with local roots who was among five people killed at a mall in Salt Lake City. I saw this story last night on Channel 12 news, which means there's no excuse for why the Enquirer didn't have it in this morning's newspaper.

Props to the Enquirer for fighting the testimony of two reporters in the Liz Carroll murder trial. But should the Enquirer have its own reporter cover this aspect of the trial? That's an inherent conflict. Can't they get the Associated Press to do that? [ UPDATE THURSDAY: On Thursday morning the Enquirer published this story about the agreement reached with prosecutors. No byline, and the story was buried deep inside the front section. That's quite an about-face on this issue. ]


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