Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Better late than never

Props to the Enquirer's editorial board for calling today for Attorney General Alberto Gonzales to resign, and for doing so on the day Gonzales is in town. I'm so stunned to see the Enquirer have an actual opinion on a matter of national importance that I'm not even going to push the point of what took so long. This is the Enquirer's first editorial on the Gonzales mess. Other papers calling for Gonzales's exit: the San Francisco Chronicle, the Philadelphia Inquirer and the Buffalo News, all on March 13; the Philadelphia Daily News on March 14; the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, the Detroit Free Press and the Boston Globe, March 16; the Chicago Sun-Times, March 18; and the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, March 20.

On Monday, the Enquirer took another stand, saying Gov. Strickland should restore funding to teach abstinence in schools. While reprehensible and misguided, the opinion was an opinion, and not a wishy-washy copout like "only time will tell" or "more careful study is required", which is what we're used to from the Enquirer. Could this be the start of something?


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