Friday, June 29, 2007


How much is Apple paying the Enquirer for this blanket coverage of the release of the iPhone? The sad part is that Steve Jobs probably isn't paying a dime for it. The Enquirer editors are just this stupid. They're drunk on the Apple Kool-aid, and they think that by doing this they're covering technology.

I mean, for God sake, the Enquirer is even blogging from the line of people waiting for the fucking phone. I pity the poor reporter who's forced to do this, and as a sign of how much time is being wasted on this, the metro editor herself, Julie Engebrecht, is posting the messages to the blog. Can you imagine how much real news out there isn't being covered because the Enquirer has tied up the time of at least two reporters and one of its top editors with the iPhone? This is pathetic.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Pathetic is mild. The Enqy may be the No. 1 promoter, but is not alone. Among Ohio's major papers, only the Plain Dealer and Columbus Dispatch did not feature the I-phone on the front page today ...

1:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You have been slacking, we want more posts about how the Enquirer sucks.

3:27 PM  
Anonymous Phantom girl said...

On this one I don't think the Enquirer is too far off base.

True, it's the launch of a commercial product, but it rings about the same as coverage done 20 years or more ago when Coca-Cola dropped its time-tested formula for New Coke (has anyone had one lately?).

It's pop culture (albeit expensive stuff). But there is interest. And what else is going on the Friday before a holiday week?

Other side of the argument: media people love Apple, mostly because its technology is far friendlier for newsroom use than PCs. There is a Mac snobbery, to be sure.

I'll withdraw my defense of the Enquirer if somebody drops dead of heat exhaustion on the line to get an iPhone and the headline reads, Mac fan phones home for good.

3:32 PM  
Anonymous Mr. Whig said...

Goddamnit, the iPhone is utter bullshit and Apple couldnt' be getting more publicity if Jesus Christ himself was selling them himself. Someone's been spending too much time on the Internet buying into the hype of a product not much of the general population gives a flying fuck about.

"You have been slacking, we want more posts about how the Enquirer sucks."

We do! We do!

4:14 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


The Enquirer will stop publishing Inspire magazine immediately and eliminate Design Homes & Gardens magazine after its August/September issue, the newspaper said today.
President and Publisher Margaret Buchanan said the magazines were not delivering enough return to either advertisers or The Enquirer.
She said the company would continue to invest in new initiatives, including the Internet site, the online Data Center, the suburban Community Press & Recorder newspapers and Our Town magazine.
“We need to be flexible and try new things to add to our core Enquirer and readerships,” she wrote in a memo to Enquirer employees.

Both of the eliminated magazines are unprofitable, Buchanan said.

The Enquirer bought Inspire magazine in 2004. At that time, it distributed an estimated 18,000 copies seven times a year.

The move eliminated three jobs at The Enquirer while eight employees were reassigned within the company, Buchanan said.

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