Wednesday, September 24, 2008

So long

Farewell to these good people on their last day at the Enquirer:

Betty Barnett
Jim Borgman
Marty Eggerding

Ann Haas Ann Hicks
Allen Howard

Jim Knippenberg
Joy Kraft
Tony Lang

Margaret A. McGurk

Sara Pearce

Jennifer Schwertman
Alan Vonderhaar
William A. Weathers

John Wolfe

With this post I'm leaving the blogging business. And let me be clear: No one is silencing me. I'm just tired of it. The Enquirer is hopeless. Thank you for reading and commenting and supporting me.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008


Beginning Tuesday, newsroom -- excuse me -- information center employers were being informed on the acceptance of buyouts. There were 60 buyouts, more than the 50 asked for, and 15 in the newsroom. Jim Borgman is among those leaving. He was a giant in the newsroom, the best journalist in the Enquirer's employ, and it's telling that in the story the Enquirer published, his is the only name they felt was worth mentioning among those leaving.

There are other good people leaving. There are some unexpected decisions, and some who've been refused will not be happy. And, it's going to be shocking and upsetting just how badly this will affect the breadth and quality of the Enquirer's coverage.