Friday, August 25, 2006

A tiny, unsatisfying meal

Polly Campbell's review today of Bella Luna, an East Side Italian restaurant, shows how the Enquirer shorts its readers. The review is fine for what it is, but read it and you get the feeling that Campbell had so much more to say, just nowhere to say it. The review runs a paltry 434 words. Compare this to a review of a one-star Turkish restaurant in the New York Times ran 869 words. The problem is Campbell is given no room to say anything.
Use a ruler: One page of the Weekend section is 115 square inches of usable, printable space. Campbell's short review (just measuring the type for the review) takes up just 24.75 square inches -- just over 20 percent of the page. The headline, underline, overline and byline alone take up 18.5 inches. Part of the page is useless index that actually refers people to the facing page. This is really stupid.


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