Friday, September 01, 2006

Happy happy, joy joy

Do the editors at the Enquirer have any sense of skepticism? Plastering the news of plans for a $600 million development in Newport across the front page ignores the fact that these are just plans -- there's no development agreement in hand, the developers still need to acquire land (the city says it will not use eminent domain), and there appears to be a need for some significant public investment in this, which the article fails to specify. And while it is reported that Corporex ran away from The Banks development, no other mention is made of the company's checkered past.

This is just an example of the "good" news that Enquirer editors loves to emphasize. Iraq news gets buried, and since the emphasis is on finding good news, there's almost no investigative work being done by the Enquirer. There is no sense of skepticism at all in this paper; any and every expression of doubt is suppressed in favor of looking for the silver lining in everything. Even the editorials are limp-wristed: Today's editorials take on the ACT and SAT tests (frankly, I've read this three times and I can't figure out exactly what the point is) and urge people to support the United Way (wow, there's a controversial stand!).


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