Tuesday, September 19, 2006

More awards the Enquirer didn't win

Best food sections among American newspaper (a PDF file). It's not impossible for an Ohio paper to win big awards, because The Akron Beacon-Journal won in its category. It's a shame the Enquirer has rolled back its coverage of food. The Wednesday food section has been cut back considerably over the years, and is mostly just articles the Enquirer finds on the wires. Restaurant reviews are handled well by Polly Campbell, but she gets no room to write. The bulk of the reviews are done by mostly incompetent freelancers who like everything. The dining section of the Enquirer web site is actually full of giddy reviews by the idiots at Cin Weekly. The editors of the Enquirer treat this city like it's Chillicothe, rather than a 2-million pop urban center.


Anonymous A Touch Of Gray said...

These freelancers aren't 'reviews', they are advertising the restaurants. This is a pay for play scheme; the Enquirer prints a fluff piece and in return the restaurant agrees to buy advertising in the Enquirer, preferably in the weekend supplement. It's payola plain and simple, and by the way it's illegal. I confronted Tom Callinan with this and he refused to discuss the subject.

The Enquirer is a sham, it's not even fit to use as a birdcage liner.

5:49 PM  

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