Thursday, November 09, 2006

And we're also glad Hitler is dead

The Enquirer editorial board is happy that Donald Rumsfeld has chosen to resign. I looked, and couldn't find any word anywhere that the editorial board ever demanded that Rumsfeld resign. (If you can find it, email me at

Seems to me it's the epitome of intellectual cowardice to jump onto a ship that's already set sail. The board never had the guts to take a stand against Rumsfeld, and the closest they've ever come to taking a stand on the war was this, back on Oct. 20, where they said the high death toll among our soldier in October "raises questions." How can these wussies even look at themselves in the mirror?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dig hard in Pentagon files and you'll find the correspondence in which Rumsfeld personnally approved a large monetary payment to the Enquirer in return for running its "Grandma in Iraq" blog before the world caught on to that now-infamous disinformation campaign. With the success of "Grandma," part of the Pentagon money was used to apply the "Grandma" principles to the "Get Published" program of letting people report whatever they want on the Enquirer's web site. The other part was remitted, as stipulated in the agreement, to 3CDC in return for playing the paper's "Miss a Day, Miss a Lot" advertising jingle four times an hour from the big-screen sound system at Fountain Square.

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