Thursday, September 28, 2006

Shoot the messenger

The last people who should take a shoot-the-messenger stand are journalists, but here's Pete Bronson arguing exactly that. I vowed I wasn't going to react to Bronson here in this blog, because it would take too much damn time. He's become more ludicrous and irrelevant and detached from reality over the years, but today's column just got me.

So he goes after the New York Times for reporting on Sunday that a national intelligence estimate concluded that the US invasion of Iraq has helped to expand, not limit, global terrorism. Bronson's take? "I found out terrorism is all our fault. The radio news and the New York Times says so."

Peter, it's not the Times saying this, it's dozens of independent intelligence analysts saying so in the NIE. He says such disclosures only help terrorism. Bull. The American people have been sold a bill of goods by the Bush adminstration. Thousands have died because of it, but people like Bronson would only like to see this continue, because even discussing options only encourages the terrorists. It's such nonsense.

(PS -- as if to prove how irrelevant Bronson is, his column is not linked from the the "Opinion" front page on the Enquirer web site.)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why does Bronson keep his job? I ask that as a serious question. He seems completely out of touch, not only with his readers, but with reality. His stuff is like the paranoid foaming of a John Bircher.

Bronson recently self-published a book purporting to be a history of the Cincinnati riots. In Bronson's bizarre revisionist version, the police are utterly blameless and all fault rests with the black community. It would almost be funny, if you forget that Bronson is the only local opinion columnist at the paper. A big city- one that is nearly 50% black- gets no other regular local commentary but this throwback!

2:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bronson is Tom Callinan's pet columnist. Callinan ditched all the other columnists upon his arrival -- Laura Pulfer, Denise Amos, Cliff Radel -- but kept Bronson because he reflects his own personal views.

7:46 AM  
Anonymous VentMan said...

you;re right on here. no one should be blamed for reporting the truth. now the NYT is easy to pick on in the truth category, but not in this instance

3:15 PM  

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