Sunday, November 12, 2006

Say what? Oh, nothing ...

The Enquirer's editorial board keeps coming up with ways to say not much. In the old days, when editorial pages mattered, editorial boards took stands on issues. Even if you disagreed with the editorial, at least you could have a conversation about it. The Enquirer's wimpy attitude is to let the people decide, to be the facilitator of an endless, conclusionless conversation, all of which means the board takes a stand on almost nothing. (Or, the case of Rumsfeld's resignation, they take a strong stand only after the issue has been settled.)

Today's two "editorials" on the failure of ballot issues on gambling and funding a new jail are typical. In this on the jail, the Enquirer manages to write 18 paragraphs about the sales tax funding proposal without ever using the word "regressive" (which might explain why the rich suburbs supported in but the low-income ones didn't). The Enquirer also somehow comes out of the defeat of the gambling issue with the question, how then do we fund higher education? There is a shocking lack of analysis in both of these pieces, and neither really offers any solution to either problem.

I don't understand what the people on the editorial board think their job is. Either they're afraid to take a stand, lack the intellectual wherewithal to take a stand, or they're being told not to take a stand. No matter what the reason, Enquirer editorials are boring and irrelevant. Shut down the editorial board and put the newsprint to better use.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your blog rocks. You should merge with the Beacon so you get more readers. Keep up the great work!

8:57 PM  
Blogger The Dean of Cincinnati said...

Anon, perhaps you noticed we now host two blogs?

I would be honored to add CincyNewsAche to our hosted blogs.

CincyNewsAche -- the only thing different from your end would be the URL.

5:51 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I thought that the way the Enquirer covered the breaking news of Noe's conviction today was noteworthy. All the other Ohio dailies ran banner headlines on their websites to announce the verdict, along the lines of "Noe Guilty". Meanwhile, the Enquirer listed it in tiny type as one of many stories. The headline read: "Fundraiser Convicted". You'd have to click on the story to even find out it was about Tom Noe.But hey, it's only one of the biggest scandals in Ohio history! But at the Enquirer it's, "Nothing to see here folks, keep moving"

8:16 PM  

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