Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Layoffs in Gannettland

The Enquirer's Gannett sister The Arizona Republic, thought to be one of healthier newspapers in the company, is reported to have laid off 31 people, including 7 from the newsroom. Are layoffs far behind at the Enqiurer?

UPDATE: The Phoenix New Times had this to say about the layoffs.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not if, but when. Though, some would say that it's already begun.

A number of people have left on their own and it appears that a number of those positions remain unfilled. Upcoming job eliminations in circulation were announced months ago and one can only imagine what will happen to any position that currently supports the Post when it's gone.

Even a casual reader would easily pickup on the fact that fewer ads equal less money coming in to cover costs.

And, there appears to be no end in sight especially given the changes in the auto sector.

Tougher decisions will no doubt need to be made. Unfortunately, there's little confidence that the publisher who got it here can turn it around.

11:38 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

As a production employee at a Gannett paper in the midwest. I would like to comment about Gannett and it's paper.

The surge toward online news is coming quickly to all papers, layoffs are now affecting my paper too.

In the many years I've been with the paper I've seen nothing but waste, waste, waste, mis-management and a sales force that rally doesn't know much about how and ad will reproduce down to managers that have gone to the "Hitler school of Management". I've confronted management about quality at the paper in production levels, and you hear it echoed that "We are a daily paper" we don't have time for quality groups. The newspapers unfortunately have tapped out their resources as to ripping off the advertising media in newsprint and now are off too online rip off's. Now with Gannett's restructuring they will be dictating to the entire industry how news will be preceived. I would say that the information I read in the Gannett's papers are close to "The National Enquirer". Readers want more, more, local news about their kids in sports and local scores, boy scouts, churches, etc. How can sending work 200 miles away inprove a system that has already failed mainly due to the waste factor?

This corporation will not be in exsistance for very long because you can't keep looking at the numbers for success, and looking AWAY from employees. Gannett now has it's big "Dig" campaign going on what a joke that is.

Taking the time for quality and ideas from employess in quality groups would bring to light alot more than a big "Dig" campaign. Of course those stockholders need to see improvements for their buck. I would just say to the stockholder. Beware profits will no longer be as beefy as the past because the reading public recognizes when they're getting ripped off.

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