Thursday, November 30, 2006

The Enquirer bombs

It's been hard commenting on the Enquirer lately because the paper has been so boring. The only reason I can imagine as to why the bomb story ended up on the front page today is that the story was hit hard on the web site during the day Wednesday. But if there's any news in the story -- something you didn't already know when you went to bed last night -- then please tell me. Read this section and tell me how it qualifies as news:
Regardless, the presence of the bomb alongside a major interstate left a deep impact on businesses, residents and motorists.

"I shouldn't have stopped for a pop," said Albertha Reese, who tried twice to get onto I-71 in the Hyde Park and Norwood area. She spent the morning at work at Woodward High School and was in the dark about the bomb.

"Oh, my goodness," she said when told why the interstate was blocked.

Reese said she was driving down Madison Road when she decided to make a quick stop at a convenience store before trying to get to her Pleasant Ridge home. Instead, she found herself being directed off Edwards Road and down a small private street so she could turn around and try to get back to Madison because the entrance ramp to I-71 was closed.

Oh my goodness. If this is news, then please, shoot me now. What deep impact did this cause that didn't go away when the roads were reopened? A traffic jam is not "deep impact." The Enquirer invented "deep impact" to justify putting this piece of crap on the front page. The story sheds no light on the bomb itself. Was it terrorists? Or just some kid who got tired of building potato guns? The above anecdote was used in the story as padding, to make it look like there was something there to read, and to cover up the fact that the Enquirer didn't have anything new to say about the bomb.

The Ford story was more important but squeezed at the bottom of the page, and given just 12 paragraphs of space, which means the national impact of this was left out. Crate & Barrel? This would have been big news 10 years ago. Today isn't just another Enquirer suck-up to a potential advertiser.


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Keep it up!

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i'm so bored - i miss heimlcih and finney
i hope there's soemthing goingon behind the scenes with someone somewhere -

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