Wednesday, November 22, 2006

The giant sucking sound gets louder

The Enquirer has largely removed attitude from the newspaper. There is no local columnist in Metro, they've gotten rid of a local movie critic and a local pop music critic, the editorials don't say anything, and there's precious little analysis in the paper overall (and we won't count Peter Bronson, who's stark raving irrelevant). So when the Enquirer does break out of this to try to say something, it's absolutely fellatial. Today we get a gooey front-page hummer for Nordstrom. The Enquirer gets more lightweight every day, and less compelling to read.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Enquirer should at least be up front about the sellout of its front page to retail stores by simply selling ads. Unless, of course, these "news" stories are really part of an insidious new ad program that guarantees positive news spin with prominent placement. Can't wait to see how manic for shopping the Enquirer gets this year on Friday. It's not even the biggest shopping day of the holidays, but the Enquirer treats it as though it's some kind of religious event.

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